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Fun things to do during school holidays in Adelaide

As I sit here in the glorious sunshine on this beautiful spring day, it is hard to believe that it is almost October. Is it just me or are the days, weeks and years gradually going faster?

With the end of the school term there are lots of excited teachers and children looking forward to a fun and relaxing two weeks. This can often raise the question for parents and caregivers of ‘what activities will we do with the children for the next two weeks?’. With school holidays also comes the two week closure of playgroups, kinder-gyms, music classes, swimming lessons and most other weekly activities we attend with younger children.

Today on the blog we will be looking at 8 school holiday activities that we are excited about trying out in Adelaide, South Australia. We love activities that promote play based learning, this provides children with the opportunity to explore, use their imagination, creativity and problem solving skills amongst many other wonderful benefits for their social, emotional, cognitive, physical and language development.

Spring 2015 (September—October)

Nature Play SA Festival

1. Nature Play SA Festival

I can not put into words how super excited we are about all of the amazing daily activities that Nature Play SA has planned for the school holidays. I have such fond memories of cooking in the garden with my next door neighbour as a child. We particularly loved dirt, water, flowers, leaves and any other bits we could find to make ‘cakes’ with.

I have been having a look through the festival guide and we are so spoilt for choice with all of these wonderful activities I am so excited just reading through this guide and hope you and your children will have lots of fun at some of (or all of) these activities.

Cost: Almost all activities are FREE with only a couple up to $10. Please check the guide for more information.

Nature Play SA Festival

2. Adelaide Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens are hosting lots of fun activities ranging from cooking to crafts and gardening, with a focus on learning about plants, people and the environment. This central location is great for taking the bus, train or tram into the city centre, which is an exciting adventure in itself for young children. Why not also enjoy a picnic lunch in the beautiful grounds of the Botanic Gardens, or go on your own nature walk and explore the surroundings whilst you are there.

Cost: FREE activities with others ranging from $10 - $20. Please check the website for further information.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Adelaide Botanic Gardens

play at the Bay

3. Play at the Bay

In the gorgeous location of Glenelg there are lots of activities for children to play, explore, experience and learn from. There are an array of different activities to cater for a range of different interests and age groups. There are cooking (Bracegirdles chocolate making, pizza and cupcakes), arts and crafts, gardening, fishing and photography sessions just to mention a few. We are very excited about all of the fun and creative activities on offer at Glenelg. Please have a look at the information program to see all of the fantastic activities on offer. We are definitely spoilt for choice here too!

Cost: Lots of activities are FREE with some ranging from $5 - $25. Please check the guide for further information.

Play at the Bay

4. Big Market Adventures at the Adelaide Central Markets

The Adelaide Central Markets is a favourite location for all of the foodie lovers out there. They also cater for your little foodies during the school holidays. Take a trip to the markets for brunch or to pick up your shopping and enjoy some fun activities with the children. Big Market Adventures includes Little Market Chefs, cooking classes run by Sprout, a Market Trail of different stalls, pot painting, plant seeding, face painting and balloons.

Cost: FREE activities with the classes ranging in price from $7-$18. Please check the website for further information.

Big Market Adventures (Adelaide Central Markets)

Big Market Adventures at the Adelaide Central Markets

South Australian Museum

5. South Australian Museum

The South Australian Museum is always full of lots of exciting new things for children to see and explore. This school holidays their program is about Opals from the outback. Another great city location to make use of public transport and the enjoyment children experience from going on a train, bus or tram.

Cost: Admission prices apply for some activities, $5 for children, $17 for adults or $35 for families.

South Australian Museum

6. Mr Badger ‘Wind in the Willows’ at Carrick Hill

Carrick Hill is a gorgeous setting for the storytelling performance of this classic fairytale. The performance will take place outside under big, beautiful, shady trees in a picnic style setting – don’t forget your picnic rugs, nibbles, hats, sunscreen and plenty of water.

Cost: $40 for a family of four, $12 for individual tickets.

Mr Badger ‘Wind in the Willows’ at Carrick Hill

Mr Badger ‘Wind in the Willows’ at Carrick Hill

Shadow Puppets at the Migration Museum

7. Shadow Puppets at the Migration Museum

The Migration Museum is celebrating all things Indonesian during the school holidays and has a wonderful Light and Shadow program planned. Pop in to make your own shadow puppets and have the opportunity to perform in a little theatrette for your family. There are also workshop sessions to see a live shadow puppet show and to meet the puppeteer.

Cost: All activities are FREE

Shadow Puppets at the Migration Museum

8. Hahndorf Farm Barn

We love being up in the hills, and the Hahndorf Farm Barn is lots of fun for little ones. Why not plan a day trip to Hahndorf and include a visit whilst you are there. There are lots of animals for children to hold, pat and feed. Some of our favourites include cuddles with the bunny rabbits and talking to the very chatty turkeys. There are pony rides, milking a cow, reptile shows and much more! The Farm Barn also has picnic areas if you want to take some lunch or snacks with you.

Cost: Family passes starting from $42. Please check the website for more information.

Hahndorf Farm Barn

Hahndorf Farm Barn

I hope you have lots of fun checking out some of the awesome activities planned these school holidays. There is so much on offer to enjoy with your family and friends. Please visit the links provided for further information on dates, times, locations and prices of the individual activities.

Don’t forget to check out all of the wonderful activities on offer at your local library, community centre and shopping centres. There are also lots of beautiful playgrounds to visit and we always love the Adelaide Zoo!

Please remember your hats, sunscreen and lots of water as the weather warms up!

Enjoy the spring school holidays and I can not wait to hear about all of the fun activities you have enjoyed.

Jackie x