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Find out what services Nurturing Nannies provides - Adelaide South Australia

At Nurturing Nannies, we are proud of the beautiful team of professional nannies that we have built. We consider it a great joy and privilege to provide carers to help support families.

It is a responsibility that we take seriously, and we genuinely care about each and every family we work with.

With this in mind, we only employ the very best nannies through our extensive recruitment process. If a person is not up to scratch for our family, then they are not good enough for your family either. We believe that a person’s character, integrity, work ethic and the way they respond in different situations is just as important as their work experience and education. If we are not 150% comfortable with a carer and confident in their ability to care for your children in a one-on-one environment, then it is not a risk we are willing to take. 

We understand that there are different seasons in life, and that each family has their own individual circumstances and needs. We always endeavour to provide a carer to meet the needs of each family.

The types of care that we provide include:

  • Nannies: who work with your family on a weekly basis in your family home. Providing flexible care options and a nurturing, fun and educational environment.
  • Short term nannies: who care for your children either short term or as a one off. Your nanny might be sick or away, or perhaps with the upcoming school holidays you would love one of our nannies to care for your children. 
  • Before and after school care: do you start work early and need someone to drop the kids off at school? Or work late and would prefer your children to be settled at home, with after school activities and home work completed, dinner prepared and baths started?
  • Babysitters: do you have a date night or a special occasion coming up that you require one of our lovely nannies to care for your children?
  • Hotel Care: are you on holidays and visiting Adelaide from interstate or overseas? Our experienced nannies can care for your children at your hotel or holiday accommodation.
  • Night nannies for newborn babies: could you do with some extra support and sleep as you adjust to life with your new little one? We have some lovely nannies who are highly experienced with newborn babies that would love to care for your precious baby.
  • 24 hour care/proxy parenting: do you travel a lot for work, or would you like some one-on-one time with your spouse? Do you have a special occasion and would like to treat yourself to a night away from home. Our nannies can stay at your home and provide 24 hour care for your children.
  • Travel nannies: do you have an upcoming holiday or business trip? Our nannies can travel with you and assist with all of your child care needs, interstate and overseas.

This is just a snapshot of the types of care our nannies can provide for your family. 

To find out more or to make a booking, please contact Jackie on 0432 533 530 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would love to discuss your individual needs and how we can best support and care for your family.

We would love to hear from you and work in partnership with you to provide a wonderful nanny to care for your children.

Keep an eye out for our next blog post, on the ways that our nannies can support your family and what it looks like to have a nanny.