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Favourite nannies (and why we love them)

Nannies have often played pivotal roles throughout books, film and television. They are those characters that inspire, nurture and provide care for children (and occasionally adults!). Be it their kind and calming nature, gentle and wise approach or whimsical and imaginative way with children, there is no shortage of reasons why we love nannies. Here are our top 5 favourite nannies from fiction and why we love them. Did yours make the list?

1. Mary Poppins

When it comes to wonderfully well-known nannies who can overlook Mary Poppins? With her fanciful sayings and quirky mannerisms, it’s no wonder this creative nanny has been a long-time favourite with both children and adults. She taught us to be helpful, kind and to always add an element of fun to every task. Loved by the children in her care, Mary Poppins demonstrated that through a combination of creativity, inventiveness and just a dash of magic, anything can be achieved. All in all, she’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

2. Aibileen Clark, The Help

Set in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi, The Help captures a time when racism was prevalent in society. The story follows the lives of African Americans working in white households as maids, nannies and cleaners. Aibileen Clark, one of the narrators and protagonists, is a black woman who has helped raise seventeen white children throughout her life as a maid. The story revolves around Aibileen’s work as maid and nanny for the Leefolt family. She cares for little toddler Mae Mobley, whom she adores and the pair form an unlikely bond. Aibileen not only shows strength and courage in the face of adversity, but her personal qualities of kindness and fairness are evident throughout the story. She teaches Mae the importance of being kind, both to others and yourself, even when it seems difficult. Aibileen’s maternal quality and kindness enable her to be a role model for the children in her care.

3. Maria, The Sound of Music

Although more of a governess than a nanny, Maria from the Sound of Music embodies everything a nanny is. She is kind hearted, fun, enthusiastic, loving and nurturing towards the seven Von Trapp children. With a song in her step and an upbeat persona, Maria brings a new passion and exuberance for life and music into the Von Trapp family home. Whether she’s singing about her favourite things to comfort the children, or spending copious amounts of time playing and having fun with them, Maria is an encouraging nanny who teaches the children a variety of lovely life lessons.

4. Nanny McPhee

Upon arrival at the Brown family house, Nanny McPhee is perhaps not the ideal nanny candidate. Her unorthodox nannying methods reveal that her ugly exterior echoes the children’s naughty behaviour. But by spending time with the children, Nanny McPhee transforms into a beautiful, cherished and well-loved member of the household. Through learning five important lessons from Nanny McPhee, the seven unruly Brown children become more responsible, more thoughtful of others and more caring - all wonderful qualities for life.

5. Nana, Peter Pan

This sweet-natured, loving canine is the nanny of Wendy, John and Michael Darling. A somewhat different nanny to the others in the list, there is no denying that this dog excels at her job. The children absolutely cherish Nana as she provides a safe and secure home for the family. From administering medicine to the children when they are sick, to packing away their toys at the end of the day, we have an undeniably soft spot for this doting and devoted pooch.

Who is your favourite nanny? Perhaps it’s someone you know, someone who inspires you or someone from history. We’d love to hear from you!

Hannah x