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School holidays in Adelaide: whale watching at Middleton and Victor Harbor

The sun is shining and the sky is blue, it is the middle of winter in Adelaide, but at a glorious 16 degrees you would never guess it is supposed to be one of the coldest times of the year.

We made the most of this gorgeous day by taking the scenic route through the Adelaide Hills down to Middleton. Driving through the hills reminded me so much of being in the English countryside, the peacefulness of the rolling green hills at this time of year feels all too familiar and nostalgic.

After hearing about the whales frolicking in the water with dolphins yesterday we were inspired to plan a little visit of our own.

The Live Sightings Log on the South Australian Whale Centre website was a great resource on allowing us to choose a location that we would definitely see whales at.

We were drawn to a location in Middleton, where we were greeted with lots of excited children, families and avid photographers who were eagerly watching several whales. It was fascinating hearing and seeing the joy on everyone’s faces when the two whales were being more active. Sadly we were too slow getting our phones out to snap a photo of the whales with their flippers/fins out of the water. We witnessed lots of ‘blowing’ where the whales were exhaling out of their blowholes on top of their heads though.

It was our first foray into whale watching, and whilst we did not spend hours waiting for the whales to be more active with diving and tail lobs, it was still a wonderful experience to witness these amazing species in their natural habitat.

One of the whales ‘blowing’ at Middleton

A trip to the Fleurieu Peninsula would not be complete without a visit to DeGroot Coffee, if you are a coffee lover it is a must visit! Delicious coffee, with beans roasted on site and friendly service.

Why not plan a day trip during the school holidays, the Fleurieu Peninsula has so much to offer. Stop off for some whale watching, if you are worried about the kids getting bored; bring their bikes and scooters to ride along the coast as you spot whales. Pack a picnic lunch and set up in the fresh air and sunshine, or pop into the famous Port Elliot Bakery or one of the many popular cafes. There is also mini golf in Victor Harbor and plenty of playgrounds to keep the kids entertained.

Only an hour from Adelaide, with an array of fun activities and nature to explore, it is well worth a day trip this school holidays. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and pick a day as gorgeous as today and you won’t even need your coat.

We would love to hear what you have been up to these school holidays and if you have any favourite places to visit on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Stay safe on the roads and enjoy the journey :)